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World Handicap System

SECTION 1 General Questions on WHS

Q: Why is the new World Handicap System being introduced?

A: There is one standard set of rules in golf, so it makes sense to unify the six different handicapping systems currently in operation. This will make the game more inclusive and equitable across the world

Q: Where can I get a copy of the WHS rules?

A: The Rules of Handicapping will be produced in the same format as the current Rules of Golf. Digital copy will be available on MGF website towards the end of 2020

Q: How do I find out more about WHS?

A: Via MGF website and our social media platforms, Youtube and Facebook. You can also have a look at official website of WHS

Q: When will handicap’s switch over to WHS?

A: The WHS launch date has been set as Monday, 10th September 2020.

SECTION 2 Your Handicap Index

Q: I’m new to golf: How do I obtain a Handicap Index?

A: A Handicap Index will be issued to a player after they have completed 54 holes in any combination of 9 or 18-hole rounds. A player wishing to get a handicap index must submit at least one card signed by a Pro/Golf Director. The latter must recommend a starting handicap index for the player and ensure that he has knowledge of the basic rules and the etiquette.

Q: What is a Slope Rating?

A: The Slope Rating indicates the difficulty of a golf course for the ‘Bogey Golfer’ relative to the Scratch Golfer. The Course Rating indicates the number of strokes the Scratch Golfer is expected to take from a set of tees under normal playing conditions. The course is also rated for a ‘Bogey Golfer’ and it is the relationship between the two ratings which indicates the slope rating

Q: What is the range of the Slope Rating values?

A: Slope Rating values range from 55 through to 155

Q: How do I calculate my Course Handicap?

A: Golf Clubs will either provide a relevant calculation table, or golfers can use a free online calculator or app. Alternatively, golfers can calculate this manually using the equation formula below:

Handicap Index * (slope rating ÷ 113) + (course rating – Par) = Course Handicap

Q: Can I use my Handicap Index abroad?

A: Yes – you will be able to convert your handicap index to a course handicap for the tees you play from overseas.

Q: If my Handicap Index is calculated to one decimal point, what will be my exact Handicap?

A: A player’s Handicap Index is calculated to one decimal place. When the Course Handicap is calculated it will be rounded to the nearest integer.

Q: My current handicap is 11.6. What will be my new Handicap Index?

A: Your transition Handicap will be dependent on your ‘best eight from last 20’ scores returned from the previous three years. A transition calculation is available for those with less than 20 scores in their handicap record.

Q: What is the maximum Course Handicap if the maximum Handicap Index is 54?

A: The Course Handicap will likely exceed 54.0 if playing a course with a slope rating of 114 or higher. There is no maximum Course Handicap.

Q: How will WHS prevent handicap manipulation?

A: Event organizers still have responsibilities to manage and administer events which are fair to all competitors. Under WHS, if a player fails to submit a score the handicap committee will investigate and take appropriate action. The committee has the option to apply penalty scores, reset a Handicap Index, consider disciplinary procedures, or withdraw a Handicap Index for an agreed period (following relevant processes and procedures).

SECTION 3 Competition & General Play

Q: What do I need to do when I arrive to play golf?

A: Register/sign in as normal. Utilise the resources available to determine your Course Handicap for the set of tees being used. Check the Handicap allowance according to the terms of competition or format of play (i.e. full handicap, percentage of handicap) and calculate your Playing Handicap for that event. Once play is complete, return your score for processing in the system / app

Q: Do I have to record all scores?

A: Players should submit all singles competition scores and have the ability to pre-register and submit scores from social games played in accordance with the rules of golf. Accuracy of a player’s Handicap Index will be improved the greater the number of scorecards submitted.

Q: What happens if I do not complete my round?

A: If you are playing a nine-hole round – then all 9 holes must be played for the score to be included in your record. If playing an 18-hole round you must complete at least 10 holes for the score to be returned. Any holes not played will be scaled back to 9 holes, before the score is processed.

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