Mauritius Golf Federation

The Driver Cup @ Anahita

Saturday 7th March 2020, White, Gold, & Red Tees, Anahita

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 72 / 75 / 71
1st Luc Bax De Keating(15)43
2nd Alain Clarenc(18)42
3rd Jean Francois Merven(22)40
4th Bavesh Ramji(15)39
5th Pierre Henri Francis Noel(16)39
6th Pierre Piganiol(24)37
7th Didier Camboulives(27)37
8thCader Jaunbocus(17) 37
9thJean Réné Garnier(14) 36
10th Kamla Beeharry(15)35
11th Rohan Kapur(17)35
12th Christophe Luneau(8)34
13th Arlette Chung(19)34
14th Philippe Joubert(18) 34
15thBrice Deboudt(10) 34
16th Paul Joseph Ferreira(12)34
17th Jerome Piganiol(10)34
18th Yoni Louison(22)33
19thPatrick Hatty(12) 33
20th Vincent Cavalot(19)33
21st Jean Francois Le Texier(18)33
22nd Bruno Bedel(13)33
23rd Shivanaden Maslamony (12)33
24th Hugo Hassler(21) 32
25th Daryl Csizmadia(12)32
26th Rene Uerlings(18)32
27th Luc Billard(20)32
28thVishal Agarwal(20) 31
29th Nicholas Park (20)31
30th Geert Spanoghe(17)30
31st Guillaume Adam(28)30
32nd Francois Germain(17)30
33rd Vyash (Joy) Dulloo(22)30
34th Jean Charles Srouji (9)30
35th Nathalie Piganiol(16)29
36th Gilles Borelli(20) 29
37thLaurent De Backer(24) 29
38th Christophe Lejosne(6)28
39th Diego De Bourgues(27)28
41stFrancine Delloye(6) 28
42nd Brigitte Luypaert(25)28
43rd Susan Wriglesworth(24)28
44th Pierre Thurnherr(17)27
45th Alban Prouet(19)27
46th Thierry Boutin(29)27
47thJean Michel Henry(9) 26
48thThomas Valette(18) 26
49th William Lopez(26)26
50th Patrick Licari(19) 26
51st Gaetan Lagesse(18)26
52nd Romain Bernard(23)26
53rd Catherine Herady(27)26
54th Didier Delauney(24)26
55thVincent Trabaud(23) 26
56th Laurent Fromet de Rosnay(28)25
57th Romain Lauri(28)25
58thWilliam Duthie(7)25
59th Marguerite Kan Wah(20)25
60th Fabrice Pascual-Garcia(29)24
61st Nathalie Srouji(18)24
62ndPascal Epaud(13) 24
63rd Philip Csizmadia (18)24
64th Jerome Adam(20)24
65th Jean Charles Castelnau(20)24
66thManoj Hanoomanjee(20) 24
67th Dev Hurpaul(17)24
68th Tanguy Le Texier(18)24
69th Patrick Dubosc(18) 24
70th Anne Laurence Daron(20)23
72nd Vincent Portugal(20)23
73rd Edward Sardes(29)22
74th Sophie Marette(29)21
75th Rajat Goswamy(26)21
76thAtul Bhatia(21) 21
77thCorinne Dubosc(19) 20
78th Philippe Mignard(12)19
79th Arnaud Tanguy(24)18
80thMartine Valcke(11) 18
81st Lucien Gerard Pellier(19)17
82nd Pascal Thomasse(25)16
83rd Vincent Sadi Robert Guevorts(24)16
84th Nicholas Albert (29)15
85th Gary Guimbeau(30)14
86th Jerome Koenig(24) 5

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