Mauritius Golf Federation

Driver Cup

Saturday 18th January 2020, White & Red Tees, Avalon Golf & Country Club

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 70 / 70
1st Jaganadhen Chellapen(25)48
2nd Billy Daumas(24) 43
3rd Danushsing Nundoo(11)42
4th Jean Marc Muller(14)41
5th Jean Francois Letexier(18) 40
6th Pierre Bisquay(9)39
7th Christophe Lejosne(6)39
8th Jean Louis Merle(17)38
9th Didier Delauney(25)38
10th Emmanuel Corneillet(4)37
11th Christophe Luneau(8)37
12th Christian Fort(16)37
13th Thierry Javourez (17)37
14th Oodayechand Sewpaul(21)36
15th Jean Charles Castelnau(20)35
16th Vincent Sadi Robert Guevorts(27)35
17thVishal Agarwal(19)35
18thVincent Cavalot(19) 35
19th Jerome Adam(20)35
20th Thomas Nowicki(3) 35
21st Vincent-Fabrice Trabaud(23)35
22nd Renaud Michel Lagesse(24)34
23rd Luc Bax De Keating(14)34
24th Atirath Roy Deb(7)34
25th Mahklouf Zribi (12)34
26th Kevin Malliah(16)34
27thEmmanuel Renard(17) 33
28th Bertha Sheng Chun(22)33
29th Kris Govinden(24)33
30th Patrick Hatty(12) 33
31st Subash Chandra Sennik(22)33
32nd Gautum Saddul(20)33
33rd Pascale Duclos(12)33
34th Thomas Valette(18)33
35th Diego De Bourgues(24) 33
36thPascal Epaud(13) 33
37th Noel Desvaux De Marigny(20)32
38th Luc Billard(22)32
39th Joel Fabrice Marie(24)32
40th Arnaud Tanguy(23)32
41st Shivanaden Maslamony (12)32
42nd Didier Andrianasolo(15)32
43rd Franck Mezerette(17)32
44th Deny Honglin(20)31
45th Balah Chinnayya(19)31
46th Jean Michel Gallet(9)31
47th Didier Camboulives(26)30
48th Cader Jaunbocus(17)30
49th Francine Delloye(6)30
50th Nand Sooredoo(19)30
51st Pierre Thurnherr(16)30
52nd Maurice Beker(19)28
53rd Lucien Gerard Pellier(18)28
54thRenaud Bax (17)28
55th Francois Lenoir(14)28
56th Vincent Portugal(20)28
57th Bernard Cottin(24)28
58th Anne Laurence Daron(20)27
59th Catherine Herady(26)27
60th Guillaume Duche De Bricourt (29)25
61st Georges Sheng Chun(20)25
62nd Dominique Muller(17)25
63rd Veena Nalini Sooredoo(15)25
64th Guy Adam(15)24
65th Susann Kopp(35)24
66th Ghislaine Javourez(23)24
67th Rohan Kapur(17)24
68th Henri Crespy(25)23
69th Vidya Bissessur - Louvet(23)23
70th Hansrajsing Nundoo(15)21
71st Fabrice Pascual-Garcia(29)21
72nd Francine Buzzi(29)21
73rdMijo Lesur(18) 20
74th Fleck Friederike(22) 19
75thJerome Espitalier Noel(14) 18
76th Sophie Marette(29)18
77thGuillaume Passebeck(24) 18
78th Gary Guimbeau(30)15
79th Jean Francois Fromet De Rosnay(28)14
80th Jerome Koenig(24) 10
81st Yanesh Atmaram(24) 6
82nd Outi De Falbaire(28) 5

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