Mauritius Golf Federation

Grand Baie Golf Club Round 1

Saturday 8th February 2020, White & Red Tees, Mont Choisy

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 71 / 68
1st Gerard Bosman(25)49
2nd Gaetan Lagesse(20)42
3rd Sebastien Jean Bax(28)42
4th Stephane Planel (6)41
5th Jerome Ritter (25)41
6th Tanguy Le Texier(20)41
7th Cedrick Raffray(23)41
8th Nicolas Francis Rey(10)41
9th Jean Francois Merven(23)40
10th Martine De Froberville(15)40
11th Nick Wiehe(8)40
12th Sebastien Huet De Froberville(23)39
13th Arnaud Halimi(26)39
14th Guillaume Adam(28)39
15th Gilles Borelli(22)39
16th Edouard Masse(16)39
17th Gauthier Ozoux(15)39
18thBenjamin Lowe(25)38
19th Nau Laetitia(26)38
20th Fabien Boulle(23)38
21st Ryan van Antwerpen(27)38
22nd Arthur Jalon(18)38
23rd Razia Currimjee(10)38
24th Tristan Lagesse(13)38
25thChristopher Park(21)38
26th Yannick Lagesse(8)37
27th Dass Appalsamy Thomas(19)37
28th Mathieu Vallet(5)37
29thBoris Lagesse(28)37
30th Vikram Rampersand(12) 37
31st Marie Emmanuelle Lagesse(26)37
32nd Pierre Fauvel(7)36
33rd Julien Planel (3)36
34th Jean Francois Fromet De Rosnay(29)36
35th Arnaud Tanguy(24)36
36th Bill Tennant(12)36
37th Didier Delauney(24)36
38th Danesh Ellayah(22)36
39th Jules Rousset(28) 36
40th Alexandre Ducler(26) 35
41st Alban Prouet(19)35
42ndOlivier Lagesse(5)35
43rd Nicolas Herbeault(16)35
44th Maurice Tennant(12)35
45th Jacky Durand(20)35
46th Guillaume de Grivel(11)35
47th Garrett Fitzgerald (9)35
48thJean Michel Pitot(13)35
49th Didier Camboulives(27)35
50th Carine Zribi(27)35
51st Jean Philippe Montocchio(22)34
52nd Cyril Bougaux(8)34
53rd Lukas Mandangu(9)34
54th David Martial(19)34
55th Nico Van Zyl(8)34
56th Amaury Desjardins(28)34
57th Gerard Lamotte(20)33
58th Nand Sooredoo(19)33
59th Lionel Magisson(19)33
60th Jean Marc Van de Kerckhove (24)33
61st Susann Kopp(35)33
62nd Aroumoughum Chinatamby(10)33
63rd Thomas Valette(18)33
64th Aurelie Junca(27)33
65th Bénédicte Jalon(26)33
66th Catherine Vallet(16)33
67th Sonia Planel(35)32
68th Romain Lauri(28)32
69th Laurent Desvaux de Marigny(11)32
70th Jean Francois Lagesse(25)32
71st Benoit Lagesse(10)32
72nd Ikbal Joonas(24)32
73rd David Desvaux de Marigny(10)32
74th Alexis Piat Corson(27)32
75th Thomas Buffard(11)32
76thPhilip Taylor(21) 32
77th Cedric Eynaud(15)31
78th Mark Cridland(13)31
79th Rodolphe Grimal(10)31
80th Veena Nalini Sooredoo(15)31
81st Arnault Cassanet(20)31
82nd Maurice Planel(19)31
83rd Etienne Mallac Koenig(24)31
84th David Pougnet(19)30
85thRenaud Bax (17)30
86th Anthony Lam Yan Yu (11)30
87th Cader Jaunbocus(16)30
88th Alexandre Piat(15)30
89th Vincent-Fabrice Trabaud(23)30
90th Marc Rogers(10)30
91st Christophe Rousset(28)30
92nd Daniel Romburgh(13)30
93rd Susan Wriglesworth(24)30
94th Pascale Lagesse(14)30
95th Mahklouf Zribi (11)29
96th Patrick Chabanne(17)29
97th Federic Bestel(23)29
98th Yanick Bax de Keating(9)29
99thVincent Koenig(12)29
100th Eric Troadec(15)29
101st Clement Cure(16)29
102nd Hugo De Senneville(6)29
103rd Pierre Francois Perez(26)29
104th Bavesh Ramji(14)29
105th Jean Luc Henry(14)28
106th Jean Luc Petit(18)28
107th Vincent Portugal(20)28
108th Philippe Tanguy Desmarais(7)28
109thBruno Cayeux(16)27
110th Philip Pierre Daniel Lagrange(14)27
111th Pierre Henri Francis Noel(16)27
112th Gary Guimbeau(30)27
113th Jean-Claude Python (23)27
114th Dirk Robens(11)27
115th Yannick Merven(9)26
116th Jean Marie Rene Leclezio(22)26
117th Arlette Chung(18)26
118th Vincent Lagesse(22)26
119th Daniel Margutti(10)26
120th Jean Noel Lennon(9)26
121st David Wickham(14)26
122nd Herve Bellefroid(24)26
123rd Isabelle Deslandes(36)25
124thRodolphe Tyack(23)24
125th Charles Harel(19)24
126th Manuela Lagesse(22)24
127th Bridgid Wickham(24)24
128th Jordan Jauffret (7)23
129th Thomas Maujean (17)23
130th Sylvain Deslandes(23)23
131stDidier Merven(17) 22
132nd Jean Luc D'argent(28)21
133rdELISKA BOTHA(35) 19
134th Ludovic Lincoln(16)19
135th Nicholas Albert (29)18
136th Maya Python (30)18
137th Nadine Chabanne(31)18
138th Charles Edley Fock Dick Wing (29)17
139th Patrick Robert(15)16
140th Karine Heurtebise Margutti(36)15

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