Mauritius Golf Federation

Afrasia Golf Day

Friday 18th October 2019, Blue & Red Tees, Heritage Golf Course

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 72 / 72
1st Antonio Ferreira de Souza(10)41
2nd Vimal Mooneesing Janna Naikeny(18)39
3rd Oscar Vallet(16)38
4th Aroumoughum Chinatamby(14)36
5th Kumar Guness(22)36
6th Terence Kretzmann(15) 35
7th Vishnu Gujadhur(8)35
8th Palal Peter Manju(21)35
9th Joseph Pierre Louis Briquel(13)35
10th Pegen Perianen Dorasami(13)34
11th Bevan Smith(18) 34
12th Kervin Magdelaine(27)34
13th Yannick Kanwah(12)34
14th Tony Takahashi(15)33
15thDidier Merle(24) 33
16th Jaganadhen Chellapen(24)33
17th Anil Bhundoo(26)32
18th Georges Kanwah(12)32
19th Paul Teckham(15)32
20th Benoit Foillard(15)32
21stRobin Smither(16) 32
22nd Jean Marc Muller(14)32
23rd Kevin Kim Lim(21)31
24th Thierry Hebert(24) 31
25th Preetam Prayag(17)31
26th Pierre Yeung Chin Shing(22)31
27th Vincent Cambier(18)31
28th Jacques Pierre(21)30
29th Shadmana Joonus(13)30
30th Sophie Marette(29)30
31st Karrim Abbasakoor(14)30
32nd Deven Khoobharry(7)29
33rd Ismael Ibrahim Bahemia(21)29
34th Philippe Ginsberg(7)29
35th Marguerite Kan Wah(19)29
36th Claude Fiandrino(24) 29
37th Armand Fleur D'Epine(24) 29
38thBenjamin Lowe(25)28
39th Kamla Beeharry(15)28
40thIqbal Belath(20)27
41st Guy Storme(24)27
42nd Kris Govinden(25)27
43rd P. A Marc Lagesse(19)27
44th Ronan Vallet(18)27
45thOlivier Fayolle(20) 26
46th Jean Claude Beeharry(28)26
47th Michel Frontera(19) 26
48th Michael Rishworh(10) 26
49th Patrick Licari(20)25
50th Genevieve Lanee(14)25
51st Jeorg Mohl(24) 25
52ndShyam Mohadeb(24) 25
53rdGeorges Rolino(24) 24
54th Dominique Muller(17)24
55th Cader Jaunbocus(15)24
56th Jean-Louis de Bernardy - Sigoyer(17)23
57thRichard Jelly(8) 23
58th Dinesh Pochun(24)22
59th Nicolas Perrier(25)22
60th Lawrence Boodhoo(12)21
61st Didier Lapierre(25)21
62nd Pierre Yves Pascal(25)19
63rd Deans Tommy Lo Seen chong(28)18
64th Ashok Bhundoo(23)18
65th Michael Jimmy Wong Yuen Tien(29)16
66th David Thomas(24) 15

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