Mauritius Golf Federation

Tamarin Golf Group

Saturday 20th April 2019, Blue & Red Tees, Heritage Golf Course

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 72 / 72
1st Julien Rebouah(21)38
2nd Guillaume Bouic(10)37
3rd Antonio Ferreira de Souza(9)36
4th Michel Jr Pilot(21)36
5th Christophe Ramdiane(10)36
6th Jacques Regis(20)35
7th Nathalie Serret(4)35
8th Daniel De Labauve D'Arifat(10)35
9th Francois Lenoir(15)35
10th William De Robillard(6)35
11th Sebastien Guerbette(24)34
12th Francois Du Mee De Chasteigner(11)34
13th David Janin(24) 33
14th Michael Descombes(26)33
15th Celine Sobrido(22)33
16th Alain Mathieu(25)32
17th Vincent Cambier(18)32
18th Nicolas Sobrido(8)32
19th Daniel Maigrot(24)32
20th Zahir Tahora(28)32
21st Cader Jaunbocus(14)31
22nd Veronique Espitalier Noel (27) 31
23rd Karine Desvaux de Marigny(19)31
24th Thierry Bechard(7)31
25th Ludovic Lincoln(16)31
26th Vincent Catry(19)31
27th Francoise Espitalier Noel(12)29
28th Hugo De Senneville(9)29
29th Joel Cure(26)29
30th Nicolas Perrier(25)29
31st Didier Andrianasolo(15)29
32nd Sophie Marette(28)28
33rd Yannick Merven(8)28
34th Robert Espitalier-Noel(6)28
35th Hubert James Harel(12)28
36th Sonia Planel(37)28
37th Jean Louis Merle(17)28
38th Francoise Desvaux(17)28
39th Gregory Bouic(14)28
40th Martin Auger(7)27
41st Dominique Ng Poon Hing(18)27
42nd Wynannd Frederik Van Niekerk(19)27
43rd Tahora Mathias(27)26
44th Vincent Lagesse(25)25
45th Maurice Leaure(18)25
46th Didier Maigrot(22) 24
47th Patricia Genoud(28)24
48th Geerish Hookoomsing(23)24
49th Edward Sardes(28)23
50th Maurice Planel(19)22
51st Dominique Greboval(22)22
52nd Matis Amar(6)22
53rd Sajid Aboobakar(15)21
54th Jean Pierre Marie Peyrucq(23)19
55th Charles Edley Fock Dick Wing (29)16
56th Julien Rey (28)16
57th Bruno D'Espagnac (25)16
58th Kishore Beegoo(20)13

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