Mauritius Golf Federation

Final Shot at Anahita

Friday 27th December 2019, White & Red Tees, Anahita

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 75 / 74
1st Matheo Douessy(6)42
2ndNamu Sarmini(-1) 36
3rdJules Carlier(10) 35
4th Nathalie Daynes(29)34
5th Emmanuel Corneillet(4)34
6th Vincent Portugal(20)34
7thJais Balloul(18) 34
8thMontserrat Orriols Garcia(19) 33
9thlawrance johnson(0) 33
10thGleb Fetisov(6) 33
11th Juliette Redon(20)32
12th Surya Prakash Foollee(25)32
13th Jacky Durand(20)32
14th Vincent-Fabrice Trabaud(23)32
15th Lukas Mandangu(9)32
16th Mahklouf Zribi (12)31
17thNeil Paul McGuiness(8) 31
18th Razia Currimjee(10)31
19thjamie johnson(3) 31
20th Philippe Joubert(18)30
21st Daryl Csizmadia(13)30
22ndPatrick Hatty(12) 30
23rdMark Kirkby(12) 30
24thPeter Stuckey(10) 30
25th Ilse Uerlings(27)30
26th Philippe Ginsberg(8)30
27th Arlette Chung(18)30
28thPatrick Foy(6)29
29th Elizabeth Piat Dalais(13)29
30thFrancis Gottburg(18) 28
31st Christian Redon(20)28
32nd Lucien Gerard Pellier(18)28
33rd Patrick Piat Dalais(16)27
34thWilliam Duthie(7)27
35th Christophe Luneau(8)27
36th Bertrand Carlier(8) 27
37th Diego De Bourgues(27)27
38thSimon Coton(21) 27
39th Kim Durand (28) 27
40th Renaud Michel Lagesse(24)26
41st Francois Douessy(10)26
42ndBenjamin Lowe(25)26
43rd Khiani Schweers(20)26
44th Didier Delauney(25)25
45th Raoul Gufflet(6)25
46thGeorge Robinson(12) 25
47th Philippe Lelong(21)25
48thChristopher Park(20)25
49th Lionel Magisson(19)24
50thNoad Zuend(3) 24
51st Jean Luc Petit(18)24
52ndSaborit Jorge Maso(13) 24
53rd Nathan Ginsberg(10)23
54thMark Fortey(12) 23
55thRenaud Bax (16)22
56thJohan Doyer(16) 22
57th Laurent Debacker(28)22
58thnigel johnson(8) 21
59thamanda johnson(21) 21
60thDavid Robinson(20) 20
61st Kerstin Kirkby(28)20
62ndMr De Angelis(12) 19
63rd Vincent Sadi Robert Guevorts(27)19
64thMarie Gottburg(28) 18
65th Gisele Doyer- Kwan (31)16
66th Fabrice Pascual-Garcia(29)14
67th Valerie Lelong(36)13
68th Stephanie Portugal(28) 11
69thAlain Bourgeaiseau(24) 11
70thVeronique Halluin(28) 10
DQClaudy Etiennette(24) DQ Stop
DQ Paul Schweers(17)DQ Stop

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