Mauritius Golf Federation

Grand Baie Golf Club Round 5 - Constance Golf Links

Saturday 17th August 2019, White, Yellow, & Red Tees, Belle Mare Links

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 70 / 68 / 68
1st Nau Laetitia(30)45
2ndRenaud Bax (19)45
3rd David Pougnet(22)44
4th Alexandre Piat(19)42
5th Federic Bestel(26)41
6th Thomas Valette(24)41
7th Hugo De Senneville(8)40
8th Alain Clarenc(20)40
9th Stephane Planel (7)39
10th Garrett Fitzgerald (9)39
11th David Desvaux de Marigny(10)38
12th Julien Planel (4)38
13th Ryan van Antwerpen(28)38
14th Aurelie Junca(34)37
15th Jaganadhen Chellapen(24)37
16th Sebastien Huet De Froberville(24)37
17thCedrik Raffray(21) 37
18th Catherine Vallet(17)36
19thNico Van Zyl(8) 36
20th Thomas Maujean (23)36
21st Nicolas Francis Rey(11)36
22nd Arthur Jalon(19)36
23rd Yanick Bax de Keating(9)35
24th Ludovic Lincoln(16)35
25thNicolas Herbeault(18)34
26th Mathieu Vallet(5)34
27thChristopher Park(20)33
28th Edouard Masse(16)33
29thSebastien Albert (29)33
30th Gaetan Lagesse(20)33
31st Maurice Planel(19)32
32nd Arnaud Halimi(29)32
33rd Nick Wiehe(8)32
34th Arnault Cassanet(22)32
35th Vincent Lagesse(22)32
36th Cyril Bougaux(9)32
37th Lukas Mandangu(10)32
38th Philippe Tanguy Desmarais(6)32
39th Philippe Mongauze(18)32
40th Sonia Planel(35)31
41stBenjamin Lowe(25)31
42ndJohn McHardy(13) 31
43rd Alexis Piat Corson(27)31
44th Sebastien Jean Bax(28)30
45th Bernard Cottin(24)30
46th Arlette Chung(18)29
47th Susan Wriglesworth(23)29
48th Christian Fort(17)28
49thLionel Magisson(18) 28
50th Laurent Desvaux de Marigny(11)27
51st Thierry Boutin(29)27
52nd Manuela Lagesse(21)27
53rdJean Michel Pitot(12)27
54th Pascal Thomasse(24)27
55th Philip Pierre Daniel Lagrange(13)26
56th Daniel Giraud(21)26
57th Franck Mezerette(16)26
58th Brice Lalaoui(28)25
59thArnaud Tanguy(25)24
60th Marina Harel(24)24
61st Bavesh Ramji(13)24
62nd David Martial(18)23
63rd Herve Bellefroid(24)23
64th Michel Coutureau(22)23
65th Hansraz Mulloo(29)22
66th Dass Appalsamy Thomas(18)21
67thHenry Toothhill(9) 21
68thGary Guimbeau(29)19
WD Danesh Ellayah(24)WD

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