Mauritius Golf Federation

MCB Invitational 2018 - Final Round

Friday 7th December 2018, White Tees, Belle Mare Links

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Results Points Switch to Gross PointsCSS 70 (Visitors 70)
1st Yannick Kanwah(17)42
2nd Stephane Planel (8)41
3rd Dominique Vaudin(13)40
4th Nicolas Kan Wah(9)40
5th Antonio Ferreira de Souza(9)39
6th Guillaume de Grivel(15)39
7th Jean Marc Thomas(13)38
8th Alain De Chazal(7)37
9th Martin Auger(7)37
10th Dass Appalsamy Thomas(16)37
11th Jean Marc Piat(9)37
12th Julien Rey (19)36
13th Arthur Jalon(21)36
14th Yannick Lagesse(8)36
15th Serret Nicolas(15) 36
16th Thierry Koenig(12)35
17th Lionel Magisson(18)35
18th Dick Li Wan Po(11)35
19th Didier Maigrot (23)35
20th Ivan Montocchio(8)35
21st Daniel Hardy(7)34
22nd Tristan Lagesse(14)34
23rd Vincent Espitalier Noel(16)34
24th Hugo De Senneville(12)34
25th Dominique De Froberville(10)34
26th Sonny Wong Lun Sang(16)34
27th Daryl Csizmadia(11)34
28th Nand Sooredoo(19)34
29th Kian Jhuboo(12)34
30th christophe De Froberville(18)33
31st Nicolas Dalais(12)33
32nd Emmanuel Corneillet(5)33
33rd Charles Harel(20)33
34th Alain Clarenc(21)33
35th Olivier Lagesse(6)32
36th Kenneth Yip Tong(20)32
37th Gerard Kanwah(18)32
38th Daniel De Labauve D'Arifat(10)32
39th Nicolas De Chalain(6)31
40th Danny Fon Sing(15)31
41st Krisnanand Viraj Koonja(14)31
42nd Daniel Ah Chong(11)31
43rd Ismael Ibrahim Bahemia(19)31
44th Philippe Koon(16)31
45th Deven Khoobharry(10)31
46th Jean Paul Quet Foong Shi Shun(15)31
47th Jeremy Mamet(5)31
48th Jean Ribet(13)31
49th Renaud Bax (19)31
50th Nicolas Francis Rey(12)31
51st Victor Seeyave(18)30
52nd Tony Takahashi(13)30
53rd Patrick Chui Wan Cheong(11)30
54th Jean Charles Srouji (8)29
55th Cyril Espitalier-noel(8)29
56th Gregory Oxenham(12)29
57th Jean-Michel Henry(9)29
58th Wellington Lam Po Tang(13)28
59th M.J Dominique Leclezio(19)28
60th Georges Kanwah(12)28
61st Mario Derungs(13)28
62nd Danesh Ellayah(24)28
63rd Amal Bhunjun(18)25
64th Maurice Planel(19)25
65th Guy Kanwah(13)24
66th Ah Min Wong Ten Yuen(22)24
67th Keser Pillai(20)24
68th Vincent Cambier(18)23
69th Arif Currimjee(23)23
70th Gaston Francois Desmarais(15)20
71st A.G. Stephane Leclezio(24)20
72nd Benoit Hardy (27)19

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