Mauritius Golf Federation

The Driver Cup at Heritage Golf Club

Saturday 23rd March 2019, Blue & Red Tees, Heritage Golf Course

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1st Jaganadhen Chellapen(24)41
2nd Hamilton Narby(15)38
3rd Colin Taylor(13)37
4th Soussila Hurpaul(25)36
5th Joseph Pierre Louis Briquel(14)35
6th Aroumoughum Chinatamby(13)35
7th Herve Bellefroid(24)34
8th Yoni Louison(26)34
9th Philippe Mongauze(18)34
10th Vincent-Fabrice Trabaud(22)34
11th Dev Hurpaul(16)34
12th Alain Clarenc(21)34
13th Christophe Lejosne(7)34
14th Mariel Milliot(15) 34
15th Vincent Portugal(20)33
16th Nalini Sooredoo(14) 33
17th Nand Sooredoo(19) 33
18th Christian Fort(21)32
19th Guy Adam(14)32
20th Francine Delloye(5)32
21st Danushing Nundoo(11) 31
22nd Luc Bax(14) 30
23rd Antonio Ferreira de Souza(9)29
24th Ashok Bhundoo(22)29
25th Frederic Doulcet(16)29
26th Pegen Perianen Dorasami(15)28
27th Pierre Thurnherr(15)28
28th Luc Billard(21)28
29th Veronique Imbert(23) 27
30th Alexis Dimitri Du Pre De Saint Maur(27)27
31st Laurent Milliot(15) 26
32nd Patrice Falzon(22)26
33rd Catherine Herady(25)25
34th Patricia Genoud(27)24
35th Basantee Ramlackhan(29)24
36th Gerard Benhamou(26)24
37th Yves Heymans(18)24
38th Christine Benhamou(34)23
39th KUTSER DEYSEL(18) 23
40th Didier Camboulives(27)23
41st Mireille Breton(14)22
42nd Vincent Sadi Robert Guevorts(28)21
43rd David Fontana(8) 21
44th Pascal Roy(16) 21
45th Jean Michel Gallet(8)20
46th Gary Guimbeau(29)19
47th Sophie Marette(29)18
48th Stephanie Portugal(28) 15
49th Jean Olivier Breton(15)15
50th Christine Doulcet (32)13
51st Jerome Koenig(24) 13
52nd Denis Lacour(28)11

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